Excerpt of Tight Five #3 In The Players Series

Tight Five, #3 in the Players Series is out on amazon today! The girls pick up right where they left off in book #2, Take the Field. Emotions run high for all the girls as they try to figure out just what it is they want and with whom they want it with.

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Here’s an excerpt:

If Ki wasn’t still mad with Yazmeen, seeing her perched alongside the front fender of her car holding a bouquet of wild flowers would have made her happy. But she was still mad. In fact she was angrier with her teammate than she had ever been. “What are you doing here? I’m on my way out.” Ki opened the passenger side door and slipped her messenger bag in the seat. She looked Yazmeen over real good, up and down in one long glance, but didn’t say anything. They hadn’t spoken since their last rugby game ten days ago.

“I thought I would show up and surprise you. Since calling doesn’t seem to work.” Yaz tilted her head and extended her hand with the flowers. “These are for you.”

Folding her arms over her chest, Ki settled back against the side of the car, her eyes never leaving Yaz’s face.

“I’m sorry, okay. I didn’t mean for you to see any of that.”

Any of that being Yazmeen getting a very lively tongue job from some girl that looked younger than either of them.

After ignoring her phone all night while at Janelle’s after the game Ki had counted up all the missed calls from Yaz and headed over to her apartment, forgiveness and makeup sex on her mind. Ki had decided that, yes, she had probably overreacted. For each missed call she was going to treat Yaz to a sensual kiss anywhere on her body that she wanted. Anywhere. There were sixteen missed calls—sixteen opportunities to make Yaz melt. But when Ki arrived at Yaz’s apartment she got more than she bargained for.

There on the couch had been Yaz, legs spread, pants down around her ankles, and her head thrown back. Some dark haired girl positioned on the floor in front of her moaning into her cunt loudly while she lapped up Yaz’s juices.

“She doesn’t mean anything to me. We’re just friendly. And if you’d answered any of my calls that night, I wouldn’t have let her come over. She just showed up by the way. I didn’t ask her to come—”

“You can see whoever you want, Yaz. I’m going out with other people too. So it’s no biggie. Really.” The lies you tell, Kiona! Barely hanging on by a thread, Ki was about ready to throw in the towel with Yaz. Their relationship—if you could even call it that—was wearing her out.

“You’re seeing other people? Who?” Yaz’s eyes shot open, a green heat Ki had never seen before dancing just beneath the surface. Jealousy through and through. That made Ki smile, but she  quickly shoved down the feeling of satisfaction she got before it showed on her face. She does have it in her.

“Yazmeen,” Ki delayed, playing her excitement down while lingering on the syllables of her lover’s name. “I don’t ask you about your other girlfriends—”

“They’re not my girlfriends. And I haven’t been seeing anyone else.” She balked when Ki raised her eyebrows as if to say what about old girl the other night. “I haven’t been seeing anyone else…Not the way I’ve been seeing you.”

Ki stood still, staring back into Yazmeen’s eyes. The girl looked defeated, worn out and haggered. She even had dark circles forming under her eyes. Yeah, getting fucked 24/7 will do that to a girl.

“Ki, baby—”

“Don’t, Yaz. I think we both know how this is going to go. I—” She stopped herself. Admitting that she couldn’t handle their easy going arrangement wouldn’t be a surprise to either of them. And admitting that, yes, she had wanted Yaz, but not the consequences would only make her feel foolish and used.

Yaz stepped into her space trapping her body against the car, filling the silence with her body heat until they were sharing the same air. “What can I do?” she asked pushing her leg between Ki’s. Her hand pressed in against Ki’s stomach just above her navel absorbing the small tremors flowing out. “What can I do, Ki?” Yaz whispered this time, lowering her face to the crook of  Ki’s neck, her warm breath making the tremors come at regular intervals. Her tongue touched down on Ki’s skin, soft at first drawing lazy circles up her neck until her lips made contact with Ki’s fleshy earlobe. “Mmm,” she sucked the tip in between her lips.

Ki had missed that tongue, that heat. It would have been foolish to deny it. She settled back against the passenger side door consenting to its warm flicking. Yaz had asked her a question, hadn’t she? Closing her eyes Ki tried to recall what it was, but Yaz trailed her hand underneath Ki’s cotton t-shirt grazing her skin until goosebumps stretched across her stomach.

“I can’t think when you’re doing that.” Ki stuttered her way through the sentence not sure if she wanted to think at all. Yaz was skilled at this type of persuasion, but as good as it felt now, Ki knew it would probably only leave scars.

“Want me to stop?” Yaz pushed her hand even higher beneath Ki’s shirt and squeezed her plump breast. Her nipple greeted Yaz’s palm promptly.

“Mmm,” Ki moaned.

“Is that a no?” She whispered below Ki’s ear her hand still roving.

“Yes.” The word strained against her lips as Yaz nibbled lightly with her teeth before pulling back.

“Yes, you want me to stop? Or yes, you want me to keep going?” Yaz was grinning, letting her tongue lick up at the corners of her mouth as she chuckled at Ki’s frustration.

“Yazmeen!” Ki pushed her face away, her head cloudy with wanting more of Yaz’s touch. “It’s not funny.” She took a deep breath, pushing Yaz’s hand from under her shirt.

“I’m sorry, babe. I couldn’t help myself.” She planted a soft kiss on Ki’s lips, then slipped her hands into her pockets lest her control fail again. “I’m serious. What can I do to make it up to you? I want us to be good. Like we were, you know. But…” She paused looking Ki deep in the eyes. “But more.”

“But more what?” The tremors in Ki’s stomach fluttered for a different reason now. Was Yaz suggesting something more … serious?

“You know. You and me. Seeing each other … just each other.”

“You mean, like, just each other?” Her stomach and heart both leapt up in her throat and the corner of her mouth turned up in a sort of half smile. But what she felt was short lived. This sudden exclusivity seemed convenient. Was it because she’d said she was also seeing other people? “Is this because—”

“No.” Yaz was reading her mind. “I wanted to talk to you the other night, but you blew me off for Janelle after the game.”

“I didn’t blow you off. I had plans already.”

“You got mad at me for Vieve and blew me off. It doesn’t matter,” she shook her head. “I was gonna ask if you wanted to be my girl—really be my girl—but then things got all messed up.” Yaz looked sincere. Ki watched the pulse in her neck jump inside her throat as if it were trying to break free.

“And this isn’t just because you don’t want me seeing other people?” Ki wanted to trust this  newly revealed part of Yaz but she had no prior example to go on. This could be another one of her smooth talking ploys to get back in Ki’s good graces…and her panties.

Yaz shook her head, serving her most trustworthy face. “I have feelings for you, Ki. I thought that was obvious.” Yaz let out a nervous sigh and stepped in towards her again. Yaz’s brow tightened, her lips sat crooked. It was clearly a struggle for her to say that. She snatched up Ki’s hands and held them in her own. “Look, I know this thing with us got all screwed up somehow and I shouldn’t have been so casual about us. I know that’s not how you like to do things. So maybe we can do it your way and see how it goes.”

Ki was taken aback by Yaz’s candor. Hearing her say she had feelings for her was the last thing she’d expected from Yazmeen. Acknowledging their hookup, casual day to day dating thing wasn’t really Ki’s style was huge. But it didn’t change the fact that Yaz wasn’t a one woman type of person. What was to stop her from getting friendly with some cute girl who caught her eye and offered her something she couldn’t resist? Did she understand what it meant to just see each other?

“I don’t know Yaz. Have you ever dated just one person?” It came out much colder than she’d meant it to, but Ki was right to ask.

“Ki, I know you think I’m just some playboi, sleeping around all the time, and I guess I am, I have been.” She checked herself, her apologetic expression revealing that she knew getting caught with Kaylee on the couch was probably the last straw. “But I have feelings for you—it’s more than just sex. This is new to me.”  She shrugged her shoulders easily, tilting her head looking sheepish like a little school girl with a crush. “What can I do to prove to you I’m for real about us?”

Ki liked what she was hearing and the look on Yaz’s face was enough to make her fall into her arms for one of those wickedly delicious kisses, but Ki would be foolish to take Yaz at her word right now. She would say anything if she thought she was losing Ki, wouldn’t she? Ki thought for a moment about how she could make her suave light skinned lover prove herself and if was worth it.  

“Do you mean it, Yaz?” Ki straightened her shoulders and stared Yaz right in the eye. Those green jewels were her kryptonite, but she was determined to stay strong.

“Of course. I only want you.”

“Do you mean it about proving to me?”

Yaz nodded enthusiastically. “Yes, baby. I’ll spend the night next time I’m over. We can cuddle and talk and watch movies. Whatever you want.”

Ki’s eyes took in the image of her teammate and lover. Whatever I want, huh? Ki reached out her hand to Yaz’s chest smoothing down the front of her body slowly while she thought it through. Did Yaz think spending the night would make up for getting caught with her pants down, or bringing Vieve to the social, or darting out of her place after they’d made love? “Okay.” Ki nodded, biting at her lip softly almost unable to keep the giant smile from ruining her calm, calculated tone.  She would make Yaz prove her words alright. Still looking at Yaz and gliding her hand up and down the center of her chest Ki latched on to Yaz’s left nipple and pulled her closer. Her voice was low, almost a threat, nothing like the sweet smile she wore. “You’ll abstain from sex for two weeks while I continue to see other people.”

Yaz caught her jaw before it fell open. The twisted look on her face told Ki that she hadn’t been expecting such a task and that she rather enjoyed having her nippled clutched in such a way. Ki pinched down harder, coaxing a hiss from Yazmeen’s lips.

“Think you can handle that?” Ki closed her fingers closer together, tugging Yaz an inch closer.

A gurgle slipped from Yaz’s lips as she tried to keep the yelp in her throat from slipping out. She shut her eyes delighting in the sweet pain being administered to her chest.

“Yaz, Sweetie, did you say something? I can’t hear you. Speak up.” Ki let her smile rip across her face. Watching Yaz’s eyes roll in the back of her head at the rough tweak of her nipple brought absolute joy to Ki. Even though she knew Yaz was somewhat enjoying the little torture she doled out, Ki told herself Yaz would get a lot more pain if she fucked this up. This was her last chance. No more messing around. Ki didn’t want to be the fool who just kept letting Yaz get away with relationship murder. Eee! Ki squealed to herself. She and Yaz were dating just each other! Well, they would be if she passed this one teeny, tiny test. Two weeks.  She only had to last two weeks. “Well?”

“Ahh! Okay! Okay!” Yaz placed her hand on top of Ki’s and breathed out slowly. “Damn, girl! You bout pulled it off. Mmm,” Yaz grumbled in her throat, swallowing hard, but she kept her hand pressed firmly on top of Ki’s, pushing her fingers deeper into her flesh spreading the tingling sensation out past her areola.

“You liked it.” They both smiled up at each other and Yaz nodded, biting at her bottom lip with shining eyes. She leaned in for a kiss ready to give as good as she’d just gotten, but Ki’s hand flat in the middle of her chest prevented her from moving in any closer.

“What?” She asked, her green eyes flashing impatience.

“Are you going to abstain for two weeks?”

“Yeah.” Yaz dipped her head again.

“Seriously, Yaz. Two weeks. No sex with other women. No kissing other girls, no touching, no being hugged up on that blonde who is just a friend. No excuses. I will beat the breaks off you, I swear to your lord and savior, Yaz. Don’t try me.”

“Okay.” Yaz put her hands up in surrender. “I swear. I’ll abstain. You’re the only one I want. You know that.”

“I better be.” She licked the dryness from her lips, pulling Yaz close by a fistful of her shirt. “Don’t break my heart, Yazmeen Reynolds.” Ki dropped her head down against Yazmeen’s pointy chin trying to hide the small tears forming in her eyes. She hadn’t expected any of this. Yaz showing up at her place with flowers, admitting that she wanted to see only Ki, and especially not the feelings overwhelming her to the brink of tears.

“I won’t, baby. I won’t. Look at me, huh.” Lifting Ki’s head up with a gentle finger and connecting with her eyes, Yaz peppered her forehead with little butterfly kisses. “I won’t.” Yaz kissed her lips between sweet whispers of her new found fidelity. “You’re not really seeing other people are you?”

Ki clenched her teeth tight and pushed out of Yaz’s hold. She knew it was too good to be true. “You jealous?”

“No.” Yaz shook her head, reaching for Ki again. “I just think it’s silly. You want to be with me and I want to be with you. Why we playin’ games?”

“Oh, but I’m not playing, Yaz.” Tears stung Ki’s eyes, this time out of anger. How did Yaz make her feel this way? In love one minute, pissed off the next. Damn her! Yaz thought she was being silly? Well, what she felt was far from silly. Emotionally tied up and twisted was more like it. Ki wanted to walk away, leave Yaz standing there to figure it out. She couldn’t treat people this way. Who did she think she was? Too bad that smug attitude of hers, one of the things that made Ki want to be done with her was also a reason she liked her so much. That confidence, that ability to go after who and what she wanted had always attracted Ki.  

Yaz needed to know what it felt like to wait around for someone else. “Two weeks! This is your last chance. Our last chance. Do you understand me? I’m not nothing, Yaz! I’m not gonna—”

“You’re right! I’m sorry, Ki! You’re right!” Yaz let out her breath all at once. Her closed eyes scrunched in tight, then reopened.  “I am jealous, okay. Shit! Fuck! I’m jealous.” Yaz shut her eyes, rubbing her palms over her face. “I don’t want to think about someone else with their hands on you. Touching you, kissing you.”

“How do you think I feel? Knowing you’re with blondie and that other girl and only God knows who else.” Tears streaked down Ki’s face. She didn’t try to hide them this time. “And I know I said that it was okay, but it’s not okay.” Ki’s shoulders jerked up and down as she full out sobbed. “And I just need you to do what you say you’re gonna do!”

“Shhh. Don’t cry. I’m sorry.” Yaz pinned Ki against the car, shushing her with kisses, wrapping her arms around her neck. “I’m sorry, Ki. Please don’t cry, baby. I can’t stand it when girls cry.You’re my girl. Please, don’t cry.”

“You make me crazy!” Ki swatted Yazmeen’s arm and shoved her in the shoulder. Then she  buried her face in her neck breathing in her soapy fresh scent. Having gone days without Yaz’s smell caught up with her and she grew dizzy deeply inhaling, making up for lost time.

“I’m sorry. You’re having a similar affect on me, girl. I’m crazy about you.” Yaz pulled back just enough to look at Ki’s face. “I’ve never felt like this for anyone before. This is completely new to me.”

Ki knew it was true, too. Yaz never used that soft, sweet tone of voice unless she was being sincere or when she was about to climax good and hard. And admitting that she was jealous was like the icing on the cake. Yaz wanted to be with her and only her.

“Come on. Let’s go inside. I need to kiss you. Properly.” Yaz tugged her forward away from the car.

Ki sniffed, wiping at her damp face. “I can’t right now. I’m on my way to the Y. Then I have to swing by Monica’s to pick up some of Janelle’s things.”

“You can’t spare me twenty minutes? I feel like I haven’t seen you in a month. I miss you, babe.”

“It hasn’t been a month. Stop being dramatic.” Ki smoothed her fingers over the back of Yaz’s hair which was twisted up in a sloppy french braid. Ki kissed her softly beneath her eyes, then down over her nose until she reached Yaz’s lips. “I missed you too.” She bit her lip, curious what Yazmeen had in mind for the next twenty minutes.  The thought of Yazmeen bending her over the arm of the couch and taking her quick made her shiver. She was almost tempted to skip the Y for some much needed caresses, but she had to stick to her schedule.

“How about you come by later? After I swing by Monica’s.”

“I can’t. I’m working the late shift at the store tonight. Why can’t Janelle do her own errands? Monica’s her girlfriend. She’s always hogging you.”

“No she isn’t. Janelle’s my best friend. It doesn’t count as hogging me. Besides she and Monica broke up. So I’m doing her a favor.”

“Lord! That girl can’t hold onto a girlfriend. What did she do this time?”

“Hey!’ Ki poked her finger into Yazmeen’s chest, a warning. “Be nice! She didn’t do anything. Monica is the one playing games. She said she wasn’t ready for anything serious despite the full court press she was putting on Janelle when they first started going out.”

Yaz grumbled in her throat, “I’m not convinced that Monica is to blame. Janelle is such a tight ass. She needs to loosen up and learn how to have fun otherwise she’ll just keep pushing the ladies away.”

Ki looked at Yazmeen, her face pulled in and tight. “When did you become an expert on women?” Ki folded her arms over her chest. Someone needed to give Yaz some advice.

Yazmeen shrugged as if the sorry state of Janelle’s love life was the last thing on her mind. “Whatever you say. As long as she isn’t constantly calling you to boo-hoo on your shoulder. I’m not trying to be the third wheel over here. I need some alone time with my baby.” Yaz was standing close again, with her arms shifting up and down Ki’s back.

“Don’t worry. You’ll have plenty alone time with me … when I’m not out with other people.” Ki kissed Yaz quickly on the lips and shimmied out of reach. “Gotta go!” She was around the front of the car and climbing into the driver’s side before Yaz could say anything.

Get caught up on the drama, the love, and the sex with Janelle, Monica, Ki, Yazmeen, and Mel. Tight Five

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Latest releases: Tight Five book 3 in the Players Series Ladies Only!  Spanked! A Nakanza & Deidre Story, Sweat It Out, and The Players Book two- Take the Field 


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Take The Field Favorite Line

The official release date for Take The Field is Monday August 25th (But if you go to amazon right now, it might even be available…I’m just saying…go there…I dare ya)

#2 In The Players Series
#2 In The Players Series

Here’s one of my favorite lines from Ki, the loose head prop, jokester and best friend to Janelle.
“Why did she have to be a caramel coated bombshell with perfect blonde hair?” #takethefield #Ki #book2 #playersseries

I’ll be sharing a few more of my favorite lines from the book later. 

Monday, Monday, Monday

Wow! Didn’t we just do Monday? *Pokes person next to me* Excuse me, we already did this part. Lets go back to the weekend. I actually had to work my day job yesterday which was fine. It was mostly quiet until this Billy D. Williams wannabe came in to make a payment and thought it would make my day to flirt with me. Not the case. I hate to admit it but I broke out the finger wag and some eye roll realness on him. I wasn’t in the mood.

But today is looking pretty good. I hope it is for you as well.

Can I ask a favor from you?

You all know that reviews help writers reach more readers.  And I would love to know what you all think of my stories so far. If you have a moment to write a review, I’d be really greatful. It helps other readers and me as well.

Here’s an email from a new reader D:

I usually don’t read short stories because I’m a greedy voracious reader. Your story however made me wonder if I have been doing myself a disservice.

It was well written and gripping and in entirety explosive so I guess it’s true dynamite comes in small packages. Thank you for making it available. You have a gift. Pls keep sharing.~D

Thank you so much, D! Waking up to that got my day started out on the right foot for sure. I really appreciate it.

This Week

I hope to have Take The Field (Book 2 of The Players) ready to publish near the end of the week (Mon/Tues of next week at the latest). I’m excited for it and for you to read it. It’s 18,000 words of lesbian emotions and drama.The Players ebook Cover

Picking up where book 1 left off, the girls run into problems on and off the field. If they don’t learn to communicate things are bound to get out of control.

Also, new character Vieve adds a little something extra to the mix as well. She’s close to two of the players already and plans to get even closer.



Here’s a taste:


Vieve was one of the few that understood, really understood how Yaz liked to keep things light and casual. Vieve was the same way. Sexy and grown, and little bit wild, not trying to get tied down too soon—unless it involved a chair and some ice cubes. Yaz re-familiarized herself with Vieve’s features. Her bleached hair, wild and curly, framed her heart shaped face drawing attention right into her almond shaped eyes and down her neck. The blond looked good on her, made her look a little bit like Leona Lewis.

When Yaz pulled up to the bar Vieve walked over grinning like she knew a secret.

“Now, I’ve been back for a minute, how come I haven’t seen you in a while?”

“You know I stay busy. How you doin’?” Yaz reached out and planted her lips quickly on Vieve’s cheek. She still smelled like Yaz remembered. All heat, cinnamon, and temptation.

Vieve rolled her eyes playfully and opened a beer setting it down in front of Yaz before she could order and walked away to attend to another patron.


Stay tuned for more.



The Players


The Players ebook Cover

Guess who has a new eBook out today?!!

Hiya! I might possibly be very excited today! Okay, I am, there’s no might be about it. I’m just excited because I have a new eBook out today and I’m so incredibly proud of it. It’s the “continuation” of The Rookie I put out a few months ago. Or rather it involves characters Janelle and Monica from The Rookie along with a few more of their rugby teammates.

Here’s the summary:

The Players: Three months into their relationship, despite a tumultuous start, Janelle and Monica are still going strong. Will an impromptu ‘I love you’ leave them sidelined? Teammates Yaz and Ki are having their own conflicting issues with their interest in each other. Yaz isn’t the monogamous type, but her feelings for Ki are starting to run a lot deeper than she would have thought possible. And Ki is determined to keep her desire for something more with Yaz under wraps. Monica’s sister Mel is in town for the weekend rugby game and has some news of her own to share.
Book one in The Players series.

But more than that it’s book one of a 3-part series that I’m working on (book 2 is already coming along). I’m just so excited and proud because it includes so many of the things that I love! Women, rugby, confrontation, trust in new things, sex, – the book opens with a sex scene – you’ve been warned 🙂

And it’s only $.99 cents through the weekend! If you haven’t read The Rookie yet, you can grab that one too and get all caught up on the drama!

And as always, I couldn’t do any of this without you! Thank you so much for the love and support.


Saturday Notes

Hello, Hello, Beautiful People,

What’s going on with ya?

I’m enjoying the warmth and sunshine with my favorite dog, getting some writing done, and just enjoying life as we know it. I just released a new short story, Gina’s Do-Over, available now on amazon. Every time I release a story I feel completely utterly blessed and tingly all photo 1over. I’m living my dream of being a writer. I’m not doing this full time yet, but I’m well on my way. And I wouldn’t be doing this without you guys, so thank you so so very much.

I thought I would share a little bit about myself so you all can better know me. I’ve made a list. Here goes:

  1.  I have the biggest sweet tooth of all time! I get it from my dad!
  2. I CANNOT walk in heels, but I do enjoy how they look. I’ve been practicing.
  3. I keep a wine opener in my “special” drawer by the bed. You never know, right!
  4. Things that I can never have too much/too many of – scissors, pugs, glitter, yarn, quiet time, nail polish, and cheese.
  5. I have a wine book holding up my bed. (I lost one of the feet in a move. Ha!)
  6. I played rugby all four years in college and loved every minute of it. Saturday is a RUGBY day!
  7. My all time favorite quote is: “Always be a first rate version of yourself, not a second rate version of someone else”- Judy Garland. Doesn’t that just lift you up?!
  8. My life is kinda like a romance novel – tawdry love affair, hearts broken, married the girl, girl ran off to Spain, picked up the pieces, searching for Mrs.Right.
  9. My current companions include a pug named Wookie and an orange tabby named Tiny Cat (T.C. for short)
  10. I’m a sucker for cup-o-noodle type “meals” (I’m eatin’ some right now!). I’m not a very good cook, but I try.
  11. My hair is natural and chemical free. It takes two+ hours to straighten my hair.
  12. I love to go for long walks with my dog, just taking in my surroundings.
  13. My first poems were published as I graduated from high school. In the Rear view, and Woman’s Day were published by the Amy Charles Writing Contest. It was the first time I got paid for my work.
  14. At 9 or 10 years old I was writing stories about love and romance. I filled a three subject notebook with one I called Explicit Friendship. There was a scene underwater.
  15. My sense of smell is ultra sensitive. A bad, funky smell in another room will make me gag.
  16. I’m a romantic. I love doing special little things for a woman.
  17. People watching is my favorite! I could make a job out of it.
  18. I love to smile.
  19. I’m generally a happy person.
  20. I just spilled cup-o-noodle on my shirt. Oops
the missing foot of my bed was replaced by a wine book.
the missing foot of my bed was replaced by a wine book.


Stay tuned for more releases, more updates, and just more from me.

Thanks again, you lovely people. Happy reading