Free Friday (on Monday)

house rulesAm I the absolute worst about posting or what? 🙂 I will say that while I’m not posting updates and such on here I’m actually writing and editing and doing my darndest to come up with sexy, fresh stories for you all to read.

I did take a little time off from writing for about two weeks to just try to enjoy the summer and get in some reading.

My interests run the gamut from Romance to science fiction so I’ve been reading a lot of different books lately. One I have to mention is Angela Korra’ti’s Faerie Blood. If you like magic, adventure, struggle both physical and emotional, well written dialogue (its all around awesome!!) you might want to check this book out. I read it in one sitting until my eyes were blurry. Oh and the main character is a person of color! I get so excited when there is a main character of color AND the story is fantastic. Check it out! You won’t regret it.

What’s new in my writing world, you ask? Oh, you didn’t ask? Hmmm, well I’m taking your silence as asking so… I’ve been working on some new short erotic fiction. If you go to smashwords  you can download House Rules for free. It’s a three thousand plus word story, previously included in Here She Comes: three erotic lesbian short stories. I updated a few bits and bobbles and gave it its own sassy cover. This story is light and fun, about power, rules, understanding when your partner needs you to take charge and make a few demands of your own.

I hope you’ll hop on over and check it out. And if you like it feel free to leave a review. Even if you don’t like it, drop me a couple of lines too. I’m interested in feedback. It all helps me improve and become a better writer.

As always, THANK YOU! Y’all are the coolest audience a girl could have. I appreciate you hangin’ with me and being interested in what I’m doing. Have a fabulous day!





The Players


The Players ebook Cover

Guess who has a new eBook out today?!!

Hiya! I might possibly be very excited today! Okay, I am, there’s no might be about it. I’m just excited because I have a new eBook out today and I’m so incredibly proud of it. It’s the “continuation” of The Rookie I put out a few months ago. Or rather it involves characters Janelle and Monica from The Rookie along with a few more of their rugby teammates.

Here’s the summary:

The Players: Three months into their relationship, despite a tumultuous start, Janelle and Monica are still going strong. Will an impromptu ‘I love you’ leave them sidelined? Teammates Yaz and Ki are having their own conflicting issues with their interest in each other. Yaz isn’t the monogamous type, but her feelings for Ki are starting to run a lot deeper than she would have thought possible. And Ki is determined to keep her desire for something more with Yaz under wraps. Monica’s sister Mel is in town for the weekend rugby game and has some news of her own to share.
Book one in The Players series.

But more than that it’s book one of a 3-part series that I’m working on (book 2 is already coming along). I’m just so excited and proud because it includes so many of the things that I love! Women, rugby, confrontation, trust in new things, sex, – the book opens with a sex scene – you’ve been warned 🙂

And it’s only $.99 cents through the weekend! If you haven’t read The Rookie yet, you can grab that one too and get all caught up on the drama!

And as always, I couldn’t do any of this without you! Thank you so much for the love and support.


All Is Forgiven


All Is Forgiven - eBook cover
All Is Forgiven – eBook cover

What does it take to be forgiven? A verbal apology? A show of remorse?

It depends, I suppose. Sheree knows what it takes. It requires more. More of yourself, and being willing. Willing to seduce your way back into someone’s heart. Willing to give yourself over completely.

Here’s a new little short that takes you through a night with Emmy and Sheree. When your lover hurts you, you may need time to think about it, or you may want to hash it out right then. Emmy wants to sleep on it at first, but Sheree hates to go to bed angry. She doesn’t want anything looming over her head when she wakes up, so she enacts a lover’s treaty. Emmy must dole out Sheree’s sexy punishment so they can move forward.

Available now on Amazon Kindle, Smashwords, IBooks, and B&N. Check it out!




Change is Good, Change is Sexy

I took a break from blogging for a bit to focus on life and a different kind of writing. I stepped into the wonderful, wet world of lesbian erotica and I don’t think I’ll be leaving anytime soon. I love poetry and I will definitely continue writing poetry, maybe not here, but I’ll let those of you who are interested know when and where you can find my poetry. I want to focus on women and their stories, my story.  I’m changing gears and I’m having a great time so far.

I hope everyone will continue to follow this blog as you’ve helped me grow and learn and create for such a long time. I truly appreciate you. But if lesbian erotica isn’t your thing, I totally understand. I’ll continue to appreciate your readership.

Check out my latest work. Hot For It, available for purchase here and Here She Comes: Three Erotic Lesbian Short Stories, available for purchase here.  Read the short descriptions below.

Hot For It – The hot New Mexico summer has both Jordan and Kathy nearly sweating out of their skin. But for Kathy the heat only heightens her desire inspiring a sexy way for both of them to cool off. Something sure to make Jordan hot for it.

Here She Comes – Three short stories, three very different scenarios. In Welcoming Committee, Kelly treats her self to a little visual stimuli, but has to wonder if what she saw was ever really there in the first place. Then in House Rules Trina and Melanie, whose relationship has been as clean as can be, work on a few rules to keep their new living arrangement a happy one. And finally in Model Behavior, an art student realizes her eye for beauty gives her a special, intimate look at the irresistible nude model.

Warning: these stories contain graphic language and f/f sex.