Monday, Monday, Monday

Wow! Didn’t we just do Monday? *Pokes person next to me* Excuse me, we already did this part. Lets go back to the weekend. I actually had to work my day job yesterday which was fine. It was mostly quiet until this Billy D. Williams wannabe came in to make a payment and thought it would make my day to flirt with me. Not the case. I hate to admit it but I broke out the finger wag and some eye roll realness on him. I wasn’t in the mood.

But today is looking pretty good. I hope it is for you as well.

Can I ask a favor from you?

You all know that reviews help writers reach more readers.  And I would love to know what you all think of my stories so far. If you have a moment to write a review, I’d be really greatful. It helps other readers and me as well.

Here’s an email from a new reader D:

I usually don’t read short stories because I’m a greedy voracious reader. Your story however made me wonder if I have been doing myself a disservice.

It was well written and gripping and in entirety explosive so I guess it’s true dynamite comes in small packages. Thank you for making it available. You have a gift. Pls keep sharing.~D

Thank you so much, D! Waking up to that got my day started out on the right foot for sure. I really appreciate it.

This Week

I hope to have Take The Field (Book 2 of The Players) ready to publish near the end of the week (Mon/Tues of next week at the latest). I’m excited for it and for you to read it. It’s 18,000 words of lesbian emotions and drama.The Players ebook Cover

Picking up where book 1 left off, the girls run into problems on and off the field. If they don’t learn to communicate things are bound to get out of control.

Also, new character Vieve adds a little something extra to the mix as well. She’s close to two of the players already and plans to get even closer.



Here’s a taste:


Vieve was one of the few that understood, really understood how Yaz liked to keep things light and casual. Vieve was the same way. Sexy and grown, and little bit wild, not trying to get tied down too soon—unless it involved a chair and some ice cubes. Yaz re-familiarized herself with Vieve’s features. Her bleached hair, wild and curly, framed her heart shaped face drawing attention right into her almond shaped eyes and down her neck. The blond looked good on her, made her look a little bit like Leona Lewis.

When Yaz pulled up to the bar Vieve walked over grinning like she knew a secret.

“Now, I’ve been back for a minute, how come I haven’t seen you in a while?”

“You know I stay busy. How you doin’?” Yaz reached out and planted her lips quickly on Vieve’s cheek. She still smelled like Yaz remembered. All heat, cinnamon, and temptation.

Vieve rolled her eyes playfully and opened a beer setting it down in front of Yaz before she could order and walked away to attend to another patron.


Stay tuned for more.