We’re back! An Interview with K. A. Smith

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Tuesday I was a guest on the Lez Talk Books Radio show with Stephanie Allen of BLF Press and Lauren Cherelle of Resolute Publishing. When I say we had a great time I mean we laughed and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Check out the replay. You’re sure to enjoy the conversation as much as I did.

Check in live every other Tuesday to hear whats going on with black lesbian writers on Lez Talk Books Radio.

Source: We’re back! An Interview with K. A. Smith


The Feeling is Sensual Guest Post

Yesterday I had my first ever guest post on Oleander Plume’s blog! I’ve enjoyed her writing several times over so when she asked me to do a post for her blog I was thrilled. Hop over to her blog and check out my story The Feeling is Sensual. It’s a short and sweet f/f story that will make you want to take a few deep breaths and find your center. 🙂 

While you’re on Oleander’s blog poke around read some of her stories and discover why I love her writing (and her) so much. You can also check out her books and publications here.

currently reading:

Pages For You by Sylvia Brownrigg

When She Was Good by Tristan Taormino

Reading is Fundamental

I think the last time I opened WordPress to write a post I noticed there had been an update. I got irritated and just closed the dang window with out posting. They moved all the buttons from one side to the other, changed the background color, and made the type smaller. Look, I can hardly see as it is. I need things to be where I left them, in a giant font, on a contrasting background. Okay?

But in all seriousness it’s been a while (a month, gasp) since I hopped on and said hi. How are ya? What have you been doing, reading, watching?

I’ve been working on a few extra curricular writing projects and reading like mad! After finishing Let the Lover Be by Sheree L. Greer I wanted to see what other things she’d written so I picked up a copy of Once and Future Lovers. It’s an excelleOnce and Future Lovers: A collection of short fictionnt book of short stories. The overall theme is love. So the stories are funny, sad, thoughtful – all the emotions associated with wanting and being loved. The different voices in the book showed a wide range to Greer’s writing. Just as full bodied and poetic as LTLB. I can say I’m a dedicated fan of her writing for sure now.

I d-d-d-devoured season two of French Kissing by Harper Bliss. Y’all… It is so damn good, so dramatic, so everything that I was waiting for after sopping up season one like it was gravy on a plate! The series had me talking out loud, tweeting, crying. At one point I put my ipad down and walked away because I was pissed and sad and I thought I knew what was going to happen. But there were twists inside of twists. I love when a book does that to me.

If you’re looking for black lesbian BDSM, check out Zee Giovanni’s Savor Her. Giovanni’s writing catches me off guard in such a good way. It’s fresh, it’s intense, it’s empowering. Savor Her by Zee Giovanni

The writing will have you thinking about, and appreciating, kinks that you may have previously passed on. It’ll have you thinking, Oh, well maybe I could…

Another book worth mentioning is Girls Just Don’t Do That by Natalie Simone. I didn’t want to put it down. Great characters, moving story line, hot sex! I liked how easy it was to get into the book and care about the women and their individual situations.

So while I was reading and staying busy what were you up to? What books do you recommend I pick up next? Leave your thoughts in the comments section.


ICYMI: A Review of Get At Me and Gina’s Do-over

Earlier this week on (Tuesday to be exact) two of my eBooks (Get At Me and Gina’s Do-Over) got fantastic reviews from the lovely Delilah Night over on her website. Thank you Delilah!

If you missed the post, hop on over and check out what she has to say. While you’re there see what else she’s currently reading, writing, and talking about.

Delilah Night’s stories have been published in countless anthologies including Coming Together For the Holidays and Glitter: Real Stories About Sexual Desire from Real Women.  

For the Holidays (200x300)
Coming Together: For the Holidays is a collection of holiday-themed erotic fiction edited by Alessia Brio. All proceeds benefit Stand Up for Kids.


In Delilah’s intro she talks about the wonderful erotica writing community and how supportive we are of one another. It’s so true! There are so many fabulous erotica writers who genuinely support each other whether it be by reviewing a book they’ve read, sharing posts on twitter/FB, or just sending out a word of encouragement! When I hop on twitter and see my feed bustling with well wishes for someone’s release day or sharing a cover reveal I feel happy and proud to be a part of a creative community. It also gives me encouragement to keep on keepin’ on. Somedays a positive word (even if not directly meant for you) can be just the thing you need to get you over the hump.


Thank You!

Wow! The response to the free download of Ladies Only over the weekend was huge! 100+ downloads of the six story collection. 🙂

Ladies Only

If you’re so inclined and have a moment, leave a review on amazon or goodreads and let me know what you think.

I want to do more free/promo/giveaway type things in the future and more often. I’m still figuring out the best way to go about doing that.


Lately I can’t stand to sit at the computer to pre-write, so I’m doing it all old school, pen & paper. It’s working. I’ve always enjoyed scribbling thoughts down on paper, drawing arrows up and down to a connecting thought. It’s much easier for me to stay focused that way too.  At the computer the internet-twitter, facebook, cat videos, and online shopping are all huge distractions for me. But the downside is that I have to sit down at the computer later and type it all up.

I’m working on a piece longer than my usual type of story called Kandi . It’s in the rough, rough, rough stages. Haha! With this story I’m trying to do something a little different and challenge myself.

Until next time!




Ladies Only – Free

Ladies Only

Free until Jan 24, Ladies Only, a hot collection of six of my sexiest short stories! Whether it’s morning sex, car sex, or just-met-gotta-have-it sex, the six sizzling stories in this collection will get you where you need to go. And it’s for Ladies Only!

(These are all stand alone titles previously published)

Dress For Success – When Mel wakes to find her girlfriend dressing, she suddenly realizes just how sexy picking out clothes can be. After some playful teasing they both come to understand what it means to dress for success.

Hot For It – The hot New Mexico summer has both Jordan and Kathy nearly sweating out of their skin. But for Kathy the heat only heightens her desire inspiring a sexy way for both of them to cool off. Something sure to make Jordan hot for it.

All Is Forgiven – In a strong relationship forgiveness is a given. Right? Emmy and Sheree have an understanding, a lover’s failsafe. Infidelity, deception, boredom, the Treaty can fix it. But Sheree must earn the chance to be forgiven and it’s going to involve giving her body, not just her words, over to Emmy.

Tasting Room – Vienna is nervous about hosting a special event at her Tasting Room for a wealthy group. Once she meets one of the attendees, it’s lust at first sight and she gets a special tasting of her own. And one taste is never enough.

Parking – After a night out Vivian and Stacey arrive home where Vivian is hoping for a little front seat action. With some seductive moves, Vivian gets Stacey’s motor running and gets her in the mood for a little parking. Interest peaks when Stacey discovers a secret package that Vivian has been concealing all night.

Gina’s Do-Over – Gina goes to the wedding of an old college friend and reminisces over the past, their friendship, and some of their study-buddy activities. But Gina is able to embrace the good in her life and her smoking hot date for the ultimate do-over.


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*This title is free until January 24th 2015 as a part of a kindle ebook promotion


Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone!

2015-Wow! Do you remember a time when you were underage and you’d calculate what year you’d turn 18, 21, hell, 30. Gosh it seemed so far away. I remember thinking ‘I’ll never turn 18 and get out of this house (my parents house)! But then I did, and I went away to school and shit (kinda) got real. I came out to both my brother and my mom freshman year, joined the rugby team and fell in love with ALL the women on campus-Every last one of them.

I say every last one of them because it really felt like it. There were the ones I wanted to kiss, of course. But then there were the ones I wanted to be like, look like, talk like. The ones I wanted to laugh with and learn from. Ugh! It was so intense and wonderful and not so wonderful all at the same time.

Thinking back on that time I feel a giddiness, a satisfaction with having experienced so much newness and finding my footing.

Between then and now I do know that, as we all do, I got distracted. I somehow got it twisted in my mind what was important. I pushed aside a lot of the things that made me happy, made me feel that giddiness for the things that were supposed to make me feel that way. It happens. Life lesson.

2014 got me back on the right track. It was the year I finally said ‘Why not?’ and put my writing out there. I had an amazingly fun time writing and publishing e-books, you guys. Nothing has felt that good in a long time! And now, looking forward in 2015 I know I can have more of that happy, bubbly feeling back and I can see it just over there…to your right, oh, sorry my right, your left. Yeah, that’s it! That shiny copper ball of light glowing and growing ever brighter. That’s my ball of new writing, new chances, and new experiences.

I hope you’ll all hang around and share these things with me.



Happy New Year!!