The Players


The Players ebook Cover

Guess who has a new eBook out today?!!

Hiya! I might possibly be very excited today! Okay, I am, there’s no might be about it. I’m just excited because I have a new eBook out today and I’m so incredibly proud of it. It’s the “continuation” of The Rookie I put out a few months ago. Or rather it involves characters Janelle and Monica from The Rookie along with a few more of their rugby teammates.

Here’s the summary:

The Players: Three months into their relationship, despite a tumultuous start, Janelle and Monica are still going strong. Will an impromptu ‘I love you’ leave them sidelined? Teammates Yaz and Ki are having their own conflicting issues with their interest in each other. Yaz isn’t the monogamous type, but her feelings for Ki are starting to run a lot deeper than she would have thought possible. And Ki is determined to keep her desire for something more with Yaz under wraps. Monica’s sister Mel is in town for the weekend rugby game and has some news of her own to share.
Book one in The Players series.

But more than that it’s book one of a 3-part series that I’m working on (book 2 is already coming along). I’m just so excited and proud because it includes so many of the things that I love! Women, rugby, confrontation, trust in new things, sex, – the book opens with a sex scene – you’ve been warned 🙂

And it’s only $.99 cents through the weekend! If you haven’t read The Rookie yet, you can grab that one too and get all caught up on the drama!

And as always, I couldn’t do any of this without you! Thank you so much for the love and support.