The goods…

2014 – 

Home Coming – Marisa’s wife, a photographer, has been away on assignment for three months. Jessy is coming home tonight and Marisa is more than ready to show her just how much she’s been missed. With anticipation building from the moment she wakes, Marisa has the reunion jitters, but intends to give her lovely wife a homecoming worth coming for.

All Is Forgiven – Sheree must earn the chance to be forgiven and it’s going to involve giving her body, not just her words, over to Emmy.  Warning: This story contains graphic language and f/f sex.

Get At Me – Fatima is at the community center to paint murals. She’s hoping to get in, get out, and get paid. But the charismatic C.J. is one distraction she’s not prepared for. Frustrated and off her game, Fatima realizes C.J. may have more to offer than a player’s status.

Tasting Room – Vienna is nervous about hosting a special event at her Tasting Room for a wealthy group. Once she meets one of the attendees, it’s lust at first sight and she gets a special tasting of her own. And one taste is never enough. Warning: This story contains graphic language and f/f sex.

Parking – After a night out Vivian and Stacey arrive home where Vivian is hoping for a little front seat action. With some seductive moves, Vivian gets Stacey’s motor running and gets her in the mood for a little parking. Interest peaks when Stacey discovers a secret package that Vivian has been concealing all night.  WARNING: This story contains graphic language and f/f sex.

Gina’s Do-Over – Gina goes to the wedding of an old college friend and reminisces over the past, their friendship, and some of their study-buddy activities. But Gina is able to embrace the good in her life and her smoking hot date for the ultimate do-over.

Here She Comes: three erotic lesbian short stories – Three short stories, three very different scenarios. In Welcoming Committee, Kelly treats her self to a little visual stimuli, but has to wonder if what she saw was ever really there in the first place. Then in House Rules Trina and Melanie, whose relationship has been as clean as can be, work on a few rules to keep their new living arrangement a happy one. And finally in Model Behavior, an art student realizes her eye for beauty gives her a special, intimate look at the irresistible nude model.

Hot For It – The hot New Mexico summer has both Jordan and Kathy nearly sweating out of their skin. But for Kathy the heat only heightens her desire inspiring a sexy way for both of them to cool off. Something sure to make Jordan hot for it.

Dress for Success – When Mel wakes to find her girlfriend dressing, she suddenly realizes just how sexy picking out clothes can be. After some playful teasing they both come to understand what it means to dress for success.

Sweat It Out – When Missy’s head cold drags on for much too long, her sexy trainer girlfriend suggests they sweat the cold right out of her. Which in turn brings out both women’s desire to sweat even more. Missy gets one very interesting workout. And sweating never felt so good. 

SPANKED! A Nakanza & Deidre Story – Nakanza doesn’t think she’s the type of girl to enjoy a spanking, but she learns it’s not all pain and punishment.

2011 –

 Tulips Touching Edited by Beth Mitchum 2011

        Cats Cradle, Carrboro

       Once We Touch

        Just Drifting

       She Caresses Me Under

        She Is


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