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Model Behavior

Model Behavior is  available for free on Smashwords  and Amazon. Click here to download from Smashwords. Learn how an art student realizes her eye for beauty gives her a special, intimate look at the irresistible nude model.

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The Feeling is Sensual Guest Post

Yesterday I had my first ever guest post on Oleander Plume’s blog! I’ve enjoyed her writing several times over so when she asked me to do a post for her blog I was thrilled. Hop over to her blog and check out my story The Feeling is Sensual. It’s a short and sweet f/f story that will make you want to take a few deep breaths and find your center. 🙂 

While you’re on Oleander’s blog poke around read some of her stories and discover why I love her writing (and her) so much. You can also check out her books and publications here.

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Pages For You by Sylvia Brownrigg

When She Was Good by Tristan Taormino

Ladies Only – Free

Ladies Only

Free until Jan 24, Ladies Only, a hot collection of six of my sexiest short stories! Whether it’s morning sex, car sex, or just-met-gotta-have-it sex, the six sizzling stories in this collection will get you where you need to go. And it’s for Ladies Only!

(These are all stand alone titles previously published)

Dress For Success – When Mel wakes to find her girlfriend dressing, she suddenly realizes just how sexy picking out clothes can be. After some playful teasing they both come to understand what it means to dress for success.

Hot For It – The hot New Mexico summer has both Jordan and Kathy nearly sweating out of their skin. But for Kathy the heat only heightens her desire inspiring a sexy way for both of them to cool off. Something sure to make Jordan hot for it.

All Is Forgiven – In a strong relationship forgiveness is a given. Right? Emmy and Sheree have an understanding, a lover’s failsafe. Infidelity, deception, boredom, the Treaty can fix it. But Sheree must earn the chance to be forgiven and it’s going to involve giving her body, not just her words, over to Emmy.

Tasting Room – Vienna is nervous about hosting a special event at her Tasting Room for a wealthy group. Once she meets one of the attendees, it’s lust at first sight and she gets a special tasting of her own. And one taste is never enough.

Parking – After a night out Vivian and Stacey arrive home where Vivian is hoping for a little front seat action. With some seductive moves, Vivian gets Stacey’s motor running and gets her in the mood for a little parking. Interest peaks when Stacey discovers a secret package that Vivian has been concealing all night.

Gina’s Do-Over – Gina goes to the wedding of an old college friend and reminisces over the past, their friendship, and some of their study-buddy activities. But Gina is able to embrace the good in her life and her smoking hot date for the ultimate do-over.

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*This title is free until January 24th 2015 as a part of a kindle ebook promotion

Pride, Equality, Love Giveaway

Happy Thursday Everybody!

Just wanted to give a shout out to all the newly married couples in NC! I’m so happy that my home state finally got its ish together! Love is winning so hard right now and it makes me feel all warm and gooey inside! Congratulations!!

Also Pride is this weekend in W-S, NC where I will be with friends! Coincidence? I think not. Even though I’m not the biggest fan of crowds (I get major panic when there are too many folks shoulder to shoulder) I’m eager to see how Winston does it! I hear it’ll be mad fun and I’m really looking forward to going.

In honor of Gay Pride weekend and the monumental step forward for marriage equality in NC I’m giving away three copies each of Gina’s Do-Over, All Is Forgiven, and The Players: Book One.

Click on the rafflecopter giveaway link below to enter

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Have fun with whatever you’re doing this weekend, be proud, and Good luck!



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