Review of Return to Arms

I had the pleasure of receiving an advanced reader copy (ARC) of Return to Arms in exchange for a review. I’m glad I got a chance to read this book. Sheree L. Greer is an amazing author who doesn’t shy away from hard discussions or difficult topics. Her debut novel Let the Lover Be touched on alcoholism and self destruction, the delicate nature of relationships we have with others and ourselves.

Return to Arms is no different. The very difficult topic of racial injustice, black people being killed on a daily basis is a reality we as a community are being forced to deal with with every breath we take. The media would have you believe that only black men are being targeted. But black women, black children, and black members of the queer community are also being targeted. The author makes sure you acknowledge this.


This book will have you seeing, if you don’t already, the areas where belonging to more than just one group (black and female, black and queer, black, female, and queer) complicates the struggle for equality, visibility, justice, and humanity.

But this book will also show you, encourage you, to persist in that pursuit of justice, equality, and visibility. We must persist. Because that is the only way racial injustice, racism, misogyny, homophobia, and hatred will be stopped.

RTA carries the weight of not just being good fiction, but of being a text people will look at as proof that work is being done, and that there is so much more that needs to happen.

Return to Arms does double duty presenting us with a burgeoning romance as well. The main characters Folami and Toya, come together at a crucial point in both their lives. Both trying to navigate who they are and how they can exist in a world that seems to hate them. At times they are frustrating as a couple, but what relationship is perfect?

This book is full of tension and real life moments that get under your skin no matter the color- getting pulled over by the police, standing up for what’s right, acknowledging the true self, or just existing as a brown/black skinned person.

Return to Arms by Sheree L. Greer available March 15th

There were several times when I had to put the book down to breath. I imagine the author had to as well. I’m disappointed that the ending is so appropriate. I don’t know that it could end any other way. I hope you’ll read Return to Arms so you understand just what I mean by that.

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We’re back! An Interview with K. A. Smith

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Tuesday I was a guest on the Lez Talk Books Radio show with Stephanie Allen of BLF Press and Lauren Cherelle of Resolute Publishing. When I say we had a great time I mean we laughed and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Check out the replay. You’re sure to enjoy the conversation as much as I did.

Check in live every other Tuesday to hear whats going on with black lesbian writers on Lez Talk Books Radio.

Source: We’re back! An Interview with K. A. Smith

Lez Talk Books Radio

Have you listened to Lez Talk Books Radio? Every other Tuesday Stephanie Allen, founder and publisher of BLF Press, and Lauren Cherelle of Resolute Publishing chat with Black women writers about their work.

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Some of their guests have been Claudia Moss, Sheree L. Greer, Paula D. Ashe, and Fiona Zedde to name a few.

The show is always entertaining, informative, and just fun. Hearing what the authors on the show have to say is such an act of community.

I’m extremely excited for this coming Tuesday, February 16th’s episode because yours truly, K.A. Smith, will be in the hot seat talking with Stephanie and Lauren about writing, the upcoming Lez Talk Anthology, and answering their questions.

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I hope you’ll join us at 6:30pm Tuesday February 16th. You can listen live at or catch the replay on their youtube channel.

And don’t forget Lez Talk Anthology will be out April 5th 2016 and goes on  pre-sale March 1st.


Black History Month- Watching

Let’s celebrate! For the first day of Black History Month I’m re-watching The Wiz Live!


I absolutely enjoyed every moment of it when it first aired I pre-ordered the DVD the moment I could.The production value blew me away. It was beautiful from beginning to end and reaffirming! All those incredible black singers, dancers, actors, costumers, designers, and choreographers brought gave us something to be proud of and to enjoy!

the wiz live group 2

Did you watch it? What did you think? Did you sing along, jump up and down, or cry when Uzo Aduba started singing? I did! I was living the entire time. I remember live tweeting and texting my friends. It was a complete event. I can’t wait to relive all the excitement.

the wiz witches

Happy Black History Month!

“So Be It! See To It!”

I shared this image of Octavia Butler’s note to self earlier this week on facebook. I gotta share it again. The power, belief, and inspiration in these words is EVERYTHING. Take it in. Full link to the article below. butler

Celebrating Octavia Butler