Lez Talk Books Radio

Have you listened to Lez Talk Books Radio? Every other Tuesday Stephanie Allen, founder and publisher of BLF Press, and Lauren Cherelle of Resolute Publishing chat with Black women writers about their work.

lez talk books radio logo

Some of their guests have been Claudia Moss, Sheree L. Greer, Paula D. Ashe, and Fiona Zedde to name a few.

The show is always entertaining, informative, and just fun. Hearing what the authors on the show have to say is such an act of community.

I’m extremely excited for this coming Tuesday, February 16th’s episode because yours truly, K.A. Smith, will be in the hot seat talking with Stephanie and Lauren about writing, the upcoming Lez Talk Anthology, and answering their questions.

lez talk cover

I hope you’ll join us at 6:30pm Tuesday February 16th. You can listen live at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/leztalkbooksradio or catch the replay on their youtube channel.

And don’t forget Lez Talk Anthology will be out April 5th 2016 and goes on  pre-sale March 1st.



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