Random 1.22.16

Sometimes someone will say something that just really resonates with me. The words they use, the energy they give to it, the way they speak it. It feels like something I was meant to hear and to take in at a very specific time.

I was listening to Lez Talk Books Radio this morning and was struck by what Claudia Moss said.

“One’s voice, one’s story is imperative and it lifts not only the writer, but those who must hear it because their soul’s journey is to hear it.”

I’m sure I’ve heard some version of this before in a different way. But I needed to hear this today, in this way.

Listen to the interview. The whole thing is great. Claudia Moss brings the energy and the truth.

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7 thoughts on “Random 1.22.16

    1. Her energy is everything! I love it. I felt instantly on that level when the interview started. I’m so grateful for the show. I always learn something and learn about authors I might not know. It’s wonderful.

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