Review of Let the Lover Be

I love to read.

When I read a good book I’m reminded how much I love to read and why. I’m reminded of my mum reading to me when I was a kid and that awesome loving feeling that came with it. I’m reminded of genuine excitement and the rush of wanting to know what happens next.

Sitting down with a book is part escape, part education, part medicine, part whatever you need it to be.

I recently finished Let the Lover Be by Sheree L. Greer.


Here’s the blurb:

Functional alcoholic Kiana Lewis is looking for a way out. Running away from the memories of her mother’s horrific death and her own dead-end existence, she decides to crash her ex-lover’s New Orleans wedding and put a stop to the whole thing. She arrives in the Big Easy to reclaim her old love, and hopefully, reclaim her own life.

Her plans are disrupted when she meets Genevieve Durand, a seductive and spiritual New Orleans native who challenges Kiana’s skewed sense of resolve and control. Spending time with Genevieve, just like drinking, offers Kiana moments of escape. But unlike the numbing effect of alcohol, the intoxicating Genevieve makes Kiana feel and think about things she’d rather not, like the death of her mother and the destructive ways she uses to cope.

On the brink of losing it all, Kiana must decide if she will reach for the next drink or if she’ll reach beyond herself to finally slay the demons driving her since childhood.


Sitting down with this book was part medicine, part reminder for me. I recognized parts of myself in this story. There was a time when I was drinking myself into oblivion to get by. My wife had just up and left with little explanation, made it clear that I would have to vacate our house…  It was all just much too much to deal with sober.

So I could relate to the story.  I was rooting for the main character Kiana to get her shit together and learn something. She is so likeable, so talented. She is human. Plus the story is well written with an ease about it that keeps the story flowing.

Here is my goodreads review if you are interested. It’s a great read. I mean black lesbians, N’awlins, love and pain, sex, forgiveness. You should definitely check out this book.


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