Clean’t Up For What!

Happy Saturday! What are y’all doing?

I had every intention of having a post up before noon today. Here it is 2:30pm. Better late than never. Let me show you the reason I’m just now hopping onto the computer:


That would be my messy ass desk! Sheesh! There was no way I could get anything done with all of that going on. So I took it upon myself to tidy up, and get right! I know better than to pile junk on my desk (sacred space), but this week got away from me. Wanna see the magic after I cleaned it all up and put things (somewhat) in their place? Of course you do.


Ta-Da! Phew! Makes me feel much better to have my workspace back and mostly functional. I also knocked out a load of laundry, took dog boy out, made a bit of breakfast, downed a pot of coffee, cleaned off my alter, and finished writing a review for Let the Lover Be (more on that next post).

I should probably work on clearing some of those post-it notes from the wall next, eh?

Stay warm!



3 thoughts on “Clean’t Up For What!

    1. Having a designated space does help. When I sit down it’s like my brain clicks into writing mode. Now if only I could stay off of twitter while I’m drafting. 🙂 Hope you’re great, Delilah!


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