Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone!

2015-Wow! Do you remember a time when you were underage and you’d calculate what year you’d turn 18, 21, hell, 30. Gosh it seemed so far away. I remember thinking ‘I’ll never turn 18 and get out of this house (my parents house)! But then I did, and I went away to school and shit (kinda) got real. I came out to both my brother and my mom freshman year, joined the rugby team and fell in love with ALL the women on campus-Every last one of them.

I say every last one of them because it really felt like it. There were the ones I wanted to kiss, of course. But then there were the ones I wanted to be like, look like, talk like. The ones I wanted to laugh with and learn from. Ugh! It was so intense and wonderful and not so wonderful all at the same time.

Thinking back on that time I feel a giddiness, a satisfaction with having experienced so much newness and finding my footing.

Between then and now I do know that, as we all do, I got distracted. I somehow got it twisted in my mind what was important. I pushed aside a lot of the things that made me happy, made me feel that giddiness for the things that were supposed to make me feel that way. It happens. Life lesson.

2014 got me back on the right track. It was the year I finally said ‘Why not?’ and put my writing out there. I had an amazingly fun time writing and publishing e-books, you guys. Nothing has felt that good in a long time! And now, looking forward in 2015 I know I can have more of that happy, bubbly feeling back and I can see it just over there…to your right, oh, sorry my right, your left. Yeah, that’s it! That shiny copper ball of light glowing and growing ever brighter. That’s my ball of new writing, new chances, and new experiences.

I hope you’ll all hang around and share these things with me.



Happy New Year!!



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