I’m Here! It’s me!

Well, well, well! Look who decided to pop in and write a little post! Hey Y’all! How the heck are you? As much as it looks like I forgot I had a website I promise I didn’t. In fact I’ve been blog-shaming myself (is that a thing?) about how long it’s been since I last posted something. But, as much as I dislike making excuses, I have a doozy of an excuse as to why I’ve been M.I.A. since … shoot, I don’t even remember the last time I made a post, but believe me it’s been a while.

Okay, ready for my excuse? Here goes: LIFE!

game of life

I know. Lame. But seriously. Life grabbed me by the arms and gave me a shake. Things picked up in a way that I hadn’t anticipated. Contract work turned into additional contract work which meant additional $$. Hey I’m no fool. “Get while the gettin’ is good!” But of course that on top of my day job left me little time for ye old blog. Just know I thought about you often, daily even.

But I’m back! Just in time to get geared up for the new year! I’m excited. I have some new writing goals, some new motivations, and some new stories that I can’t wait to share!

Thanks for sticking with me. I hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season. Happy Yule!




3 thoughts on “I’m Here! It’s me!

    1. Aww! Yay! I missed you too! Your support and kind words always pull me out of whatever funk I’m in. I appreciate you so much! *Hugs*


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