Out All Night

Last night I dared to step out of my comfort zone for a bit and let my friend drag me to the newly opened gay club downtown! I sweated! I danced! I grinded within the safety and familiarity of the boys I’d gone with.

The crowd was more male than female. Qpoc everywhere to my delight. The Queens were sexy and glamorous! They gave the club all of its life, all of its sparkle!

It was nothing like going to the club used to be. Of course I’m older…The music was good, but much too loud (I seriously can’t hear out of my left ear this morning). The girls were pretty, but much too young. The dancing was fun, but…well you get my point.

I don’t know how long it’s been since I’ve been out dancing until 2am, but I know this time will tide me over for a good spell.

The night did afford me a glimpse of something I haven’t seen in a while. And a possible story…

(possible WIP…)

Out All Night

The music was too loud. That was the first thing Nevea’s body responded to. The thumping base felt like it was insider her throat. The second was her. The girl leaned against the bar peering around like she was looking for someone. When her eyes stopped on Nevea, her eyes smiled, but her plump lips remained flat beneath the coat of licorice red lip glaze. Her honey blond hair puffed out around her neck and shoulders. Her frame was small, she looked young. But the pink and white band on her wrist declared she was old enough to drink each time the strobe light laser zapped down over her shoulders and burst into tiny red and green stars slipping across her breasts and arms.

Nevea moved toward the bar. She felt herself pull her shoulders back, move her hips forward. There was only one opening up front unclogged enough to get the bartender’s attention. Beside the girl. Nevea leaned across the bar, ordering a Dos Equis. Her fingers drummed the rhythm of the music on the flat surface.

The girl’s eyes warmed a path over Nevea from hip to neck and back down again sending prickles of sensation over her skin. Nevea chanced a look at the girl while taking a longer than usual sip of her beer when it arrived. Up close Nevea noticed the smoothness of the girl’s ochre skin and the faint smell of perfume mixed with sweat. Breathing in the girl’s heat Nevea immediately imagined stripping her bare and burying her face between her legs, pulling the intoxicating scent into her mouth with her tongue.

The girl’s lips turned up at the corners as if she knew exactly what Nevea was thinking. Her body moved a bit closer as she raised up on tip toe to reach Nevea’s ear. Her open mouth stirred the tiny hairs along Nevea’s neck as she spoke.

“Let’s dance.”

Nevea let the girl slip their hands together and followed her onto the dance floor.



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