The Most Random Post of All

It’s Saturday Morning and I’m exhausted! Now you know there are the good types of exhausted, like when your woman wakes you up in the middle of the night nestled in between your legs waking you with the soft lapping of her tongue. “Mmm, I gotta have it baby!” Yes! You smile  and open up a bit to make room for her and then you tumble back and forth from cuddles to sex and sex to cuddles!

Well…That AIN’T the kind of tired I’m experiencing. Huh! For the last four or five nights I’ve had these impossible, horrible, think-about-them-all-day-at work dreams that wake me up at three and four in the morning. They’re so real and intense when I wake up I’m literally pinching myself to make sure it’s over. Last night’s dream involved me getting caught in a lock down at a prison which oddly resembled my grandparents’ house where I grew up. And there was this one maniac with a knife coming for me.

I didn’t go back to sleep for quite awhile this morning and then only for a little bit. Hopefully I can get some writing done today and relax a bit. It’s nice outside so maybe baking in the soon will do me some good. I also have a hankering to crochet some mittens/wrist warmer things. Fall is coming! And It’s one of my favorite seasons.



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