The Happenings

What’s cookin’ good lookin’?

It’s heating up out side and I for one am so glad. The cold weather that seemed to go on for way longer than it should have had me feeling crazy. And even though the pollen and bugs are not agreeing with me I will not complain (at least not too much.).

I’m working on some new fiction, as always and wanted to share some updates. Kristiaan’s Keeper is getting a complete overhaul, thus no release yet. I think it’s a lot deeper of a story than what I normally write, therefore I want it to be really strong. There are lots of components with it and I just wasn’t comfortable letting it out into the world yet. You know how us writer/artistic types get. Beck and Call is in its preliminary rough draft stages. I’m very excited about this story. I tried to make it fast past and exciting, because to me the characters are just that. You can expect witty snap backs and demanding characters in this one. And surprise, surprise I’m working on a second part (not really a sequel, more like a continuation) to The Rookie. The title is back and forth, but I’m introducing more of the players, more drama, and yes, MORE LESBIANS! I’m smiling just thinking about it. I worked on it a bit today in between chores. (It’s my day off from my day job and I couldn’t stand all the laundry I’d let pile up. I vacuumed and hung out with my main dog too.)


So as always, I wanted to give a little update to let you know what’s going on in this writer’s life. And as always thank you so much for following the blog, reading the stories, tweeting with me, everything. Without you I couldn’t do any of this. I appreciate you all so much.

Stay tuned!



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