All Is Forgiven


All Is Forgiven - eBook cover
All Is Forgiven – eBook cover

What does it take to be forgiven? A verbal apology? A show of remorse?

It depends, I suppose. Sheree knows what it takes. It requires more. More of yourself, and being willing. Willing to seduce your way back into someone’s heart. Willing to give yourself over completely.

Here’s a new little short that takes you through a night with Emmy and Sheree. When your lover hurts you, you may need time to think about it, or you may want to hash it out right then. Emmy wants to sleep on it at first, but Sheree hates to go to bed angry. She doesn’t want anything looming over her head when she wakes up, so she enacts a lover’s treaty. Emmy must dole out Sheree’s sexy punishment so they can move forward.

Available now on Amazon Kindle, Smashwords, IBooks, and B&N. Check it out!




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