Book Updates and Fun News

That’s right, I’m making time to post on the blog today!

I’ve been working and writing up a storm. Let’s jump right in with some Updates and new release info. I have two new stories out and I’m working on two right now as well. I like the forced structure and discipline required to manage two works at the same time. Both The Rookie and Parking are available on, smashwords, Barnes&Noble, and in the ibooks store (although the ibooks store still has me a little bit baffled, I assure you the books are there.)

And of course my other works are always available to tickle your fancy as well. Coming out next are two new stories about letting go and taking chances in Kristiaan’s Keeper (available tentatively April 30th), and taking orders and following through in Beck&Call (available tentatively May 10th).

I think you’ll really enjoy these stories and I hope you’ll stick with me to see what I get my characters into next. It’s gonna be so much fun!




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