Never Ever Underestimate the Power

Good Monday Morning!

After running some errands and taking care of my pup, I’ve got my beverages (coffee and water), my laptop, my notebook and pens (it’s like an OCD thing – I have to have at least four or five pens on the table to write) and I’m ready to write. I have a goal of 3000 words today. I think that is totally doable. I just have to stay focused this morning.

My story Hot For It is still doing great thanks to the 4-star review by Sistahs on the Shelf and all of you. Thanks for reading! If you’re not familiar with them, check them out. They make outstanding book recommendations and reviews of books by black lesbian writers. I’m so glad they do what they do. I’ve just started reading First Taste: Kendra by Portia Delaney based on their review. I’m only a few pages in so I’ll have to tell you what I think later.

Harper Bliss’ French Kissing episode 2 is out. I’ve not gotten it yet because I know I will sit down and dive right in without getting any work done. I am baiting myself with it so when I get  this week’s total word count accomplished I can reward myself with the latest episode.

What books are you reading? Anything that I need to get into? Let me know what you’re reading. I’m always game to dig into something new.

Have questions: Email me at Karnellesmith(at)gmail(dot)com

That’s all for today. But I want to leave you with this:



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