Little Red Prius Parody of Little Red Corvette

I hope everyone has had a good day. I did all right if I do say so myself. I’ve been going through a transitional phase lately trying to get things sorted out and unfortunately my writing has suffered a little. Today I did a parody exercise. I took a popular song and rewrote the lyrics to fit my situation. This is really a catharsis piece.

I will say this, if you break up with or treat poorly a writer, you can be sure they are gonna write you into something. And from the writer stand point it feels really good. I’ve been hearing Little Red Corvette a lot on the radio and it just so happens that my ex drove a little red Prius. Look how that worked out…. here’s the parody version. I just finished it and haven’t really cleaned it up very much.
Maybe I’ll even sing it to the music and share that too. The timing is pretty dead on with the original song (except for maybe the end where Prince gets all high pitched and intense).

Little Red Prius

I guess i should have known by the way you didnt have a job
that it wouldnt last
see you’re the kind of person who believes in moochin’ off me
takin’ and takin fast

I guess i must be dumb
cos you had a pocket full of rent bills
some of them were past due
but it was Saturday night, I guess that makes it all right
and you say baby can you pay my dues

and honey I say little red Prius
baby you’re much too slack
Little red prius
it turns out you aint’ packing Jack

I guess i shouldve closed my eyes
when you took me to the place for our very first date
‘cos i felt a little ill when i saw
you didn’t have your wallet and you expected me to pay

believe it or not i started to worry
wondered if i had enough cash
but it was saturday night, i guess that made it alright
for you to be a collosal ASS
Oh yeah

little red prius
baby you’re much too slack
(yes, you are)
Little Red Prius
It turns out you ain’t packing jack
(oh, oh)

i tell ya
somebody like you oughta be in jail
cos your character is very obscene
Move over baby, here are your keys.
I’m not gonna be your mortgage paying machine

little red prius
baby you’re much too slack
little red prius
it turns out you ain’t packing jack

little red prius
honey you got to get a job
(go get a job)
little red prius

cos if you don’t get a job
some woman is gonna kick
your ass

(got to get a job)

Girl got an ego like I never seen!!
and the ride, I say tthe ride
was not Smoooooooth
you are not no limousine


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