Exploring Genre

Hey there!

Hope everyone is great and busy working on your literary manuscripts and submissions or reading excellent books and poetry. I’ve been trying to keep myself busy aswell working on poems for more public readings and possibly trying to get a publication going. I don’t really no the first thing about running a magazine, but I do know about writing and editing so I hope that will help me.

I want to talk about genre a bit today. I have so many questions cropping up as I research and really delve into what it is I like to write. Poetry, of course is what I love love love to write and usually it’s just topics that I pick out of everyday life or internal struggles that I’m dealing with. It tends to be somewhat emotional or thought provoking (at least I hope it’s thought provoking).

But with fiction I find myself struggling to understand both, what I’m good at writing and what I really enjoy writing. I guess the bigger question is what do I enjoy writing that I’m good at writing? I look at all the different types of books that I read and right away I know that I don’t have the patience or know how to write with mythical complex creatures. And I think the real problem is that I’m afraid that what I do write will just be so horrible and unreadable. And I have ideas, oodles of them. I’m just too timid to stick with them for the long haul when it comes to fiction.

How do you guys get over that hesitation to write what’s in your brain regardless of what you think other people will think? How do you step outside of your comfort zone and plant your feet in a genre you have no experience in?



2 thoughts on “Exploring Genre

  1. Hi K.
    I really appreciate what you have written today. It made me think about my own situation. I have been writing prose for as long as I can remember. Through my writing you can see how my life has changed. When I was younger I wrote simple pieces about my baby brother and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to more recent works of infidelity and struggles in love. Most of my writing is very private and only in the past year have I begun to share through my blog site. I find my writing very therapeutic for me, but there are times whenI still maintain somewhat of a “tameness” to it all…as I am still a little nervous of what others may think. I am trying my best to get over that and consider that someone, somewhere, may have or may be going through what I am or have been through, and that is the person who will appreciate it most (besides myself, of course).


    1. Lakesha, thank you for such a thoughtful comment. I think, as writers, we have to give ourselves a chance to put it all out there on the page no matter how we think it might be perceived. I know I’ve just got to get over the fear and hesitation. Thanks again for commenting.


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