Teasing A Sleepy Poem

I woke up with pieces of a poem in my head this morning. It was so so good and had this sticky sweet potential, but I lost it by the time I fully woke up. Does that ever happen to you? Urr! If only I hadn’t been so deep in the sleepy forest and so warm and cozy in bed this morning.

I’ve been jotting down all the little bits and pieces I remember trying to flesh it out. I love how the mind works and hopefully I will be able to work a good poem from the images I’ve rescued from the recesses of this morning’s awakening.

Here is a snippet (to be worked and revised probably)


I can hear the dogs barking

in (my head) the other room

the alarm buzzing

but the warm blankets blur

the threshold for what makes

reality and sleep


I feel you next to me

BIG SPOON, little spoon

I only have 3 minutes

before the alarm will chime

again – the blinking red

cyclops of the dream world-

the dogs haven’t made a sound

I must’ve been half asleep




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