The Cold Season

The cold arrived

and yesterday quickly blew

away along with some leaves.

I feel the change creeping

onto my bones

and no matter how much

I try to shake it off

I know it’s here

for the duration.

I’m thinking of Mother

wanting to curl up

like a joey in her arms


but she blew away too.


All of this,

the wind, the urge to hide

away, everything, will

blow over

I hope-

or it will blow

right through me.



Mmm,  this cold weather is affecting me very strongly this year. I’ve not felt such a drastic change in self like this before. It’s interesting. I’m craving comfort foods and naps by the fire. I’ve been sipping tea all day, but I could really go for some hot cider or a hot toddy. I feel extra snuggly and wouldn’t mind getting close for an extended period of time with my sweetheart.


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