Trick or Treat

I was Woody Wood-
pecker once. My
mask had the tiniest
breathing holes.

We always wanted
to get the apple
with the razor blade
in it. Who the hell
schedules time
in their busy day
to put razors
in apples anyway?

We had to pay
a fee to go trick or
treating. Mom
got first dibs
on our candy stash –
that was the
fee. Bullshit
if you ask me.

I was a witch once.
I took my make up
off during nap time
and got in trouble

for flicking my warts
across the floor.


3 thoughts on “Trick or Treat

  1. Wow! No one has ever talked about my poetry in the way you have. I am honored and every thankful for this award nomination. Thank you so much for viewing my blog and going on each little journey with me. Thank you!


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