110 inches nose to rear

110 inches
nose to rear

she big
she the biggest
I ever had

and loud

she be grumblin’
and moanin’
early in the morn
like she ’bout
to yell out, “baby, baybee,
where you at? you ready?”

I just smile

I can tell
she ready to get on the road

she love to ride
she smoove
can take all the bumps
and dips

we been together for
four, five years, a while now
so I can tell when she need me to
tinker with this part or that

I pop her hood
maybe let her cool off
put my hands on her
feel my way around

might say something
like, “now why you get so
worked up? so heated?
we jus’ goin’ to Georgia.”

and jus’ like that she
be fixed again, ready
to ride some more

I know this, too, she
all 110 inches.


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