Favorite Words

I read a FB status the other day from a writer I like. She mentioned a few of her favorite words and said that if those words were noticeably abundant in her writing to let her know. That got me thinking about some of my favorite words. I’ve got some good ones. It’s not that I particularly use these words in my writing a lot. I just kind of like them. So here are a few of my favorite words:
answer– The “sw” used to stump me as a kid, but now I love the way the two letters make your mouth sort of swoon and almost whistle.

befuddle/muddle – These two words sound like what they do. And muddle sounds awesome said with a British accent!

shank –This word has it all! I love the shooshing of the “sh” and the hard ending of the “nk”. Plus the word is so versatile. You can get a lamb shank from the butcher. Mmm tasty.  If after your meal you realize the butcher over charged you, you can show him who’s in charge and shank him. (I would hate for it to come to that…) But I’m just saying this word is awesome. It’s a noun and a verb!

cunt- I just like this word. I know, I know. It’s deemed derogatory, and rude, and blah, blah, blah. But I think it’s a really great word. c-u-n-t. The way the lower jaw dips down to form the “C”, the way the “U” is a breathy moan that  slips and slides into the “N” like an ice cube plinking into a glass, and then finally stops at the “T” is just poetic, really.

guillotine- I really dig this word too. “gi-uh-teen”. I don’t know when or how I could use this word in a poem, but I’m totally going to try now. And I absolutely love it when people incorrectly pronounce the two “L”s. It sounds like those ridiculous sci-fi creature features. “The GiLLo-teen is coming! Ahhhh!”

lollygag- Every time I hear this word I picture a giant lollipop gagging on a piece of itself! This wouldn’t happen if the lollipop wasn’t goofing off trying to see how good it tasted! Get to work Lolli! No time for these shenanigans! Oh, that’s another word going on my list!

Wow!  What are some of your favorite words?


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