Taken by the Muse

Last night I was texting back and forth with my writing partner about that feeling you get when you’ve been taken by the muse and she’s standing over your shoulder helping you get the words arranged just right. It feels different. It feels good and distant in some ways. My writing partner (MWP) says she feels like she’s possessed. I totally agree. It’s like being in a different room from where the conversation is taking place, but hearing every word clearly. I like the idea of it too, being possessed by passion, by the thing I love to do. What do you think? Does your mood change when you’re in that really good writing zone? Can you tell a change in yourself when the muse is whispering in your ear?


5 thoughts on “Taken by the Muse

  1. Hmm, I’m not sure. Flannery O’Connor used to write for two hours every day, whether inspired or not. There is something to be said about habitual writing.

    Still, I think you’re onto something. When you have “the right story” (and I say that in quotes because it might be the right story for right now but not later, the right story for you but nobody else, etc.), you feel it. At least, that’s the way it works with me. And then it just takes off… seemingly of its own volition.

    I think that it’s a balance. When you respect your writing enough to be dedicated to it, you open your ears to that muse’s whispers. Now I just need to work on actually doing that…


    1. Good point! Flannery O’Connor’s Wise Blood is one of my favs. I try to write everyday no matter how much and it feels pretty good. When I’m locked in, though, it feels really good, amazing and effortless. I agree with you about it being a balance. Thanks!


      1. I love “The Life You Save May Be Your Own” by her. But I’ve not read “Wise Blood”. I agree, when the muse decides to make an appearance, it goes from practicing the moves of a dance to dancing. Or, in our cases, hammering out some text for its own sake to writing.


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